Top Things To Do Before Summer Ends

It’s hard to believe that the summer of 2018 is coming to an end.

Now that we are in the rainy season (September is the ‘wettest’ month of the year of us here in Naples, Florida) we’ve created a summer ‘bucket’ list of sorts. This will help narrow down those final experiences you want during these last days of summer!


  • Spend the day on the beach.
    • From Wiggins Pass in Naples to Loudermilk Park we have some of the best beaches in Florida. Don’t forget Lover’s Key State park in Bonita Springs.
  • Have a BBQ at your house.
    • With the rainy season upon us in Naples, this may have to be spontaneous event or done between storms. Consider a BBQ lunch to avoid the late afternoon rains.
  • Go to the Naples Zoo.
    • Its close by, affordable and always interesting. Go early and be mindful of the intense sun. Bring hats, sunglasses and sun blocker. Oh, and don’t forget your umbrellas.
  • Visit your favorite restaurants in Naples.
    • The snow birds are coming the snow birds are coming! This month is your last opportunity to hit up your favorite local restaurants before they are swarmed with northerners escaping the ice and snow.


Before you know it, the colder weather will be here and so will the northern ‘snow birds’. If you have some ideas you want to include in our list, feel free to comment below!

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