Not Worth the Risk!

The purpose of this article is to help you take pause and preemptively take note to never risk leaving your children or pets unattended in a motor vehicle.

We are all very busy and sometimes we multi-task to get more done. We urge you to skip multi-tasking when the safety of your children or pets is involved. Leaving your children or pets in your car while running in to grab something from a store may be a time-saver, but is it worth the risk of their lives? Haven’t you ever had something which should have take only 1 minute to complete take more than 10 to 15 minutes or longer? You say, “but the car is on and the Air Conditioner is on full blast!” What if it fails? Are you really willing to risk the lives of your children and pets on this “assumption”?

Death from heat isn’t the only threat that faces your children and pets. The news is full of stories of child and pet abductions which are all too horrific to imagine let alone read about on a constant basis. Again, is saving a few minutes really worth the risk, the gamble, you are taking? Are you willing to let those few saved minutes be the biggest regret of your life?

The simple take-away, Never leave your children or pets unattended in your car – EVER!


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