Hurricane Irma Recovery, Progress in Naples

The American Accord Insurance Agency would like to extend a warm, heart felt, thank you to all those who have contributed to the recovery efforts here in Naples, Florida.

We’ve all witnessed those enormous truck and trailer vehicles driving around town. Personally, it is awe inspiring to watch how those skilled the crane operators are able to pack their trailers with debris. Thank you!

For the most part, businesses have already reopened or are nearing the completion of “remodeling” in order to welcome back the seasonal population. Many of our ‘snow-birds’ have returned early to assess their properties and to begin “remodeling” of their own.

As expected, hurricane Irma property insurance claims continue and will continue to add up here as well as across the state. As of September 26, over $3.8 billion in losses have been accounted for thus far with a total of 605,520 claims filed. These numbers represent residential as well as commercial claims.

Florida’s insurance commissioner, David Altmaier has issued an emergency order temporarily freezing insurance rate increases and has suspended policy cancellations (until December 3rd, 2017). This emergency order also prohibits insurance companies from cancelling or refusing to renew polices between September 4th through October 15th.


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